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Malù works and lives in Paris. Born in Rome she began painting in Moscow (Russia) where she lived for almost ten years. She continues her artistic research between Milan, London, Central and South America, and Paris.

Through the light installations conceived with her works, the pictorial surface acquires deepness and tridimensionality, allowing the viewer to see the active and dynamic dimension of the space. Her figurative and classical representations approach in a subtle way the effects of science and technology on our society that is more and more attached to the digital. The artist challenges the perfect representation of the feminine body in the European culture, she portrays incomplete women's bodies that after her disruptive performances fragmentize, creating a glitch within the work making it even more defective.

Inspired by the amazing combination of colors in nature, she often uses pigments made from precious stones in her paintings. 

 In 2019 her works will be visible in Paris, Rome, Barcelona and New York.




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