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Malù dalla Piccola (Rome, 1994) lives and works in Paris, France. 

Born in Rome, dalla Piccola began painting in Moscow, Russia, where she lived for 7 years. She pursued her studies at Central Saint Martins in London, Atelier de Sèvres and ESAG Penninghen in Paris. 

Through her work, dalla Piccola investigates contradictory themes such as fertility and abortion, the cycle of life and transhumanism, memory and oblivion, fragility and violence. Her practice includes painting, drawing, site-specific installations, resin works and performances.

Mixing science with imagined worlds, dalla Piccola travels between past and future through the viewer’s memory and her own.

For the performative works “Futura” at Galeria Uxval Gochez, Barcelona (2019) and “Damnatio Memoriae” at Palazzo Scapucci, Rome (2019), dalla Piccola worked with scientists to create mental maps. Through a guided circuit, dalla Piccola broke down the barrier with the viewer in order to confront emotional issues through memory and oblivion. 

In 2021 dalla Piccola presented two site-specific installations. "Amnios", at Hippocampus residency, was created as a breathing organ set to communicate with its participants; "Ampolle del senno perduto", at the Orto botanico Corsini, was composed of 60 resin and copper tear-shaped ampoules containing her oil paintings that floated in the botanical garden like crystallized memories.

In 2023 she presented her work at Timothy Taylor gallery in New York, and Perrotin in Paris.


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