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Malù dalla Piccola lives and works in Paris, France. She was born in Rome and began painting in Moscow (Russia) where she lived for almost ten years.

Through the light installations conceived with her works, the pictorial surface acquires deepness and tridimensionality, allowing the viewer to see the active and dynamic dimension of the space.

 Her practice moves seamlessly between painting, drawing, video, installation and performance. Mixing science with the occult, she travels between past and future through the viewer’s memory and her own.

In her last performative works “Futura” at Galeria Uxval Gochez, Barcelona (2019) and “Damnatio Memoriae” at Palazzo Scapucci, Rome (2019), Malù broke down the barrier with the viewer in order to confront emotional issues through destruction.

Although her favourite medium remains painting, she likes to explore new mediums and materials through chemistry and alchemy. Her figurative and classical representations approach in a subtle way the effects of science and technology on our society that is more and more attached to the digital. She challenges the classical European representation of Woman and investigate themes such as fertility, birth, futurism and transhumanism.




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